Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tournament results, 2011

The second annual Dan the hand Armijo tournament was held in Deming, New Mexico March 12 and 13 , 2011. Everyone had a great time and played lots of handball. Having attended several tournaments recently that indicated a consolation bracket on the entry form, but failed to have one, we wanted to avoid that mistake. The C division had a true round robin format. With four players, each played three matches. The winner was Colleen Stinar. Novice players Bobbi Hall, Brian Pottratz, and Jeramy Brewster participated.

In the AB division there were eight players. A modified round robin format was used, and each player played four matches (two games to 15 with an 11 point tie breaker). A player earned one point for each game won and a point for winning the match. Luckily there were four players from other areas to play the four players from Silver City. Cary Hamilton (Las Cruces, New Mexico) was undefeated for first place. He was an all around good player, and his serves that hugged the left wall were very effective. Brian Stinar (Albuquerque, New Mexico) was second, and Don Stinar (Silver City, New Mexico) took third.
Alan Gast and RFC, also known as “the destroyer” both from Silver City, have moved up from novice players to solid B players. Ryan Ashley of Las Cruces was a welcome addition to the mix. Ron Todd of Anchorage, Alaska (he winters in Las Cruces) added the novelty of far away places to the tournament. Wayne Abraham, a recent transplant to Silver City from Colorado Springs was a big addition to the draw.

On Saturday afternoon instead of having an exhibition match (which we did last year with Dan Armijo vs Louis Cordova Jr) we had a competition between Danny Armijo and everyone in the tournament. He played each player to eleven points. After 3 serves he relinquished the serve to his opponent. At 10 points he also let his opponent serve. The tournament organizers (Don and Colleen Stinar) foolishly thought each player might be able to score two or three points and reach 21, thus beating Armijo. This was not the case. Colleen Stinar pointed out how well Armijo was doing at keeping track of when to change serves, and Jeramy Brewster answered that it is not hard to keep track of 3,6,9. Armijo was perfect at his task. He did not kill the ball immediately, but ran his opponents around. In between matches he would give brief instructional pointers without humiliating anyone. He was humorous and encouraging. All the participants found it a very enjoyable and interesting experience. As A, B, and C players most of us never get the opportunity to play a nationally ranked player. There were four points scored, one by Don Stinar, Brian Stinar, RFC , and Jeramy Brewster.

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