Monday, June 9, 2014

Berlin is a beautiful but gritty city.  There are many, many cigarette butts. These young people smoke! Lots of grafitti. Old mixed with communist, turkish, and modern.  We are riding our bikes at least ten miles a day.

                                          Legal brothel on lower level.
We were very happy to see the site of the Berlin airlift.  Don's Uncle Tom was part of this and attended many Berlin Airlift reunions.  Growing up in the shadow of WW2, it was a big part of our life.  The airport is now a large park.  We were riding by and ran into a group of people from Silver City!
                                  The slide like structure is a memorial to the Berlin Airlift.  The people of Berlin appreciated the food and supplies the US brought in.
 Two Dads meet and are great friends.

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